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    Exterior improvements that increase resale value

    Real estate shoppers have more than embraced the digital age. It’s estimated that 92% of home buyers now use the internet in some way during their home search process. Exterior curb appeal is more important than ever. Buyers may look at the photos online and make a decision about whether or not to even drive by your home. Make your home stand out with appealing photos and improvements that show you care about your home.

    So what does that mean to you? If you are anticipating putting your home on the market and wondering what improvements will bring the most value to your home, help you sell faster and pay you back. Here’s your quick guide.

    1. Front door replacement. If your front door looks worn or dated, a front door replacement is #1 on the list of improvements that bring value.
    • An energy efficient door can save you 10% on energy bills
    • New door styles add a level of security
    • This project is a potential DIY for those of you who are handy and have the proper tools.
    • Average cost is $1250
    • Return on investment = 102%
    1. Update and refresh your landscaping. This should be a no brainer. Mow the lawn, green up the grass, add mulch, fresh flowers and some landscape lighting. Remember many home shoppers drive by your home at night, so light it up and show it off.
    • This project is a DIY for those of you with time to do it.
    • Average cost is $3500
    • Return on investment = 100%
    1. Repaint the exterior. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way is freshening up your home. Stick to warm and inviting colors. Taupe’s and neutrals are safe choices for a wide range of buyers.
    • This project can be a DIY if you have the time and weather permitting. If not, hire a pro to knock it out quickly so you are ready for your first open house.
    • Average costs can start at $2,000 depending upon the size, number of levels and complexity of your home.
    • Return on investment = 90%
    1. Home automation. Smart homes are more than just the buzz word of the day. Electronics that connect your home’s lighting, heating, cooling, security and other systems to your smart phone or tablet are becoming the norm.
    • Unless you are in the industry, this isn’t recommended as a DIY project. Hire a pro.
    • Average costs start at $3000 and go up depending on complexity
    • Return on investment = 100%
    1. Privacy. Your home is your sanctuary and home buyers prefer privacy fencing. Wood or stone are the best options for aesthetics and durability. Home buyers prefer a 5’ fence in the back.
    • If you are handy, this is a DIY project. If you don’t have the time, hire a pro.
    • Average costs start at $2500 if you hire a pro and depends on how much fencing you have to put up and the style you choose.
    • Return on investment = 100%
    1. Updated windows. The old metal windows date your home, let in the cold air and make your rooms drafty.
    • Energy efficient windows can add up to hundreds of dollars a year in energy savings
    • Look for Energy Star windows, and possible tax rebates
    • Unless you are in the industry, this is not a DIY project. Hire a pro.
    • Average costs can hit $9500 depending upon the size of your windows, quantity, etc.
    • Return on investment = 90%
    1. Pressure washing. Clean, clean and clean some more. Make your home’s exterior pristine with a thorough cleaning. Check the driveway, walkways, porches, the home’s exterior, garage door, shutters and other adornments. Make it sparkle.
    • Rent a power washer and this is a definite DIY. Don’t have the time? Hire a handy man.
    • Average cost about $200, unless you own one or can borrow a power washer.
    • Return on investment = 100%

    Maximize your home’s potential resale value by showing off your property in its best light. Contact us at TK Real Estate Group for advice. We’re happy to help.

    TK Real Estate Group is a full-service real estate firm in Portland, Oregon. We are invested in your outcome, every time. Also specializing in investment properties, lots, land and rehabs.

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